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Vertical Rotary Parking System


Rotary Parking System is circulates the pallets vertically in which the cars are taken up and down by big chain. The system is provided with fully auto system and multiple safety sensors.


These are the most cost-effective parking systems that can be increased up to 10 times parking capacity, only requires an area of  42 m2 or 2.5 traditional parking spaces and can accommodate 6 to 20 vehicles (Sedan) & 6 to 16 vehicles (MPV). Is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications such as residential, apartment, hospital, hotels, commercial centers, office buildings and factory.

How it operate ;


It is simple to operate with the driver stop at front of display station and car plate number will auto scan by detector camera, after scan underground magnetic sensor will detect the vehicles then safety gate will open.


Once the driver fully entering to parking pallets the safety gate will auto close, Driver will leaves to the parking zone and 6-axis infrared sensor will make sure the vehicles parked at correct position and the system will automatic rotating to lift the parked car away from the bottom, After getting in position they will automatically stop.

To taking a parking car, make payment or key in the car plate number at device, the system will automatically selects a direction with the shortest route to run, the car automatically shuts down after arriving at bottom center position. The driver will drive the car out, the system will carrying out the next instruction operation.

Rotary 6.png

Key Advantages

o Small space occupation and Maximum space saving.

o PLC automatic control system, touch screen to call the required vehicle in one touch.

o Easy and fast installation.

o Simple one touch control to require no management staff/operator.

o Possible relocation and reinstallation.

o Protection of vehicles against theft, damage and weather conditions.

o Quiet operation low noise levels in comparison to any other type of parking system.

o The systems are constructed as stand-alone structures and minimize the risk of flooding.

o Selective rotation in closer direction to shorten entrance/exit time.

o Convenient indoors and outdoors of car.

o Beautiful and fashionable in appearance.

o Low running costs and Long lifetime

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Products Descriptions

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Dimension And Sketches

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