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Autohub Parking Solutions Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 2020 by a team of engineers and idealistic entrepreneurs who had the vision to bring parking space solutions to another level. We have been work closely with few leaders in Asia for the Smart Parking industry with advanced automated technology manufacturing production. With current conditions in Malaysia, the demand of this intelligent car parking system has been hiking tremendously especial in the big and bustle city area to save space and increase the numbers of parking.


Our services touch every corner of the East Malaysia, We respect and understand customer needs, rely on a wide range of products, we provide professional and efficient total solutions to fulfil the different expectations of our clients for full-automatic or semi-automatic system, which is the service concept we have always adhered to and advocated. We always stands on the position of customers to research, design and improve services. Improve the service system, strengthen the pre-sale, in sale and after-sale services, and help customers solve various problems in the use of goods in a timely manner, so that customers feel great convenience.

About Us

Our Solutions Service Workflow

Beautiful Landscape


Definition Of Project Objective And Scope


Conceptual Plan Or Preliminary Design


Procurement, Product Inspection, Packing & Shipping


Custom Clearance, Delivery & Installation


Testing, Commissioning, Training & PMA Application


After Sales Maintenance Services

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