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360 degree Car Or Truck Turntable

360ᵒ turntables platform is often used for car or truck in the limited space of the position to turn around, very suitable for display, driveway, garage and automotive technical center.  

This turntables offer a complete range of size and load capability from 3-meter to 12-meter in diameter and load capability from 3* ton to 26 ton*, Very easy operation with various speed control or programmable direction and function.

The top surface could be selected from MDF board, Plywood, steel chequered plate or aluminum alloy. Specifically for driveway turntable, we can supply a 75mm height "tray" and integrated inspection/service door to accommodate bricks or pavers.

Referent specifications table

Key Advantages

o Simple operation.

o Safe and reliable.

o Convenient indoors and outdoors.

o Ultra low noise.

o Small space occupation.

o Beautiful and fashionable in appearance.

o Can be used by remote control and manual operation.

Turn table.png
* Product photo by other for reference only
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