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Puzzle Parking System


Puzzle Parking, is a fully automated system featuring combination pallets that enable horizontal and vertical movement of parking spots just like a puzzle to park and retrieve cars.


A fully automatic independent system, it can be easily configured and customized to site dimension, It comes in 2 to 12 levels and 3 to 6 row. They have three model drive; motor and chain, motor and wire rope, hydraulic and wire rope. Usually motor and chain drive mode for 2 levels, motor and wire rope drive mode is for 2 to 4 levels, hydraulic and wire rope drive mode is for above 5 levels.


How it work :


If the Empty Platform is available on Ground/Driveway Level, the driver leaves the car on the platform, the platform is designed in such a way that the driver needs to drive the car till the front wheel stopper.


Once the same is done, the driver comes out and confirms the parking completion on the operator panel, If there is an in-line command exists for parking or retrieval of cars in same system, the system takes the platform to its resting position (parking position) and brings the next platform down for next operation.


The Motors with Chain sprockets or Hydraulic Cylinders help in lifting or lowering the platform from parking positions to retrieving (Ground/Driveway) level. The Platforms are moved vertically or Horizontally to retrieve the required platform from the system. When the vehicle is needed, the process is reversed and the car lifts transport the vehicle back to the same area where the driver left it.

puzzel 1.png

Key Advantages

o Take full use of land to raise more parking spaces.

o Reliable motor and wire rope fast drive mode.

o High speed and fast of pick cars.

o A whole system for safety protection for cars or personals.

o Saving energy and environmental protection.

o Advanced PLC micro-controller programmed and has Liquid crystal display.

o Very simple operated with a smart card or manual buttons.

o Fashionable and elegant appearance can be easily in harmony with surrounding environment.

Referent specifications table
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Dimension And Sketches

Plan 3.png
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