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We are MINIMIZING land usage and to MAXIMIZE the number of Parking Space

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Car Turntable

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Bus Turntable

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Truck Turntable

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4 Post 3 stack

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Two Post 2 Stack

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Tower parking System

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Puzzle parking System

Private collector's staggering São Paul

Puzzle Parking System


Puzzle Parking System

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We Always Considers Customers’ Safety And Convenience As The First Priority

Space Efficient

Save up to 65%++ of the space compare with a traditional parking space

Cost Effective

 Custom-designed to fit the needs and maximize potential for restrictive building footprints - increasing parking capacity in areas where construction of conventional garage

Time Efficient

Safe time and fuel to find a parking 

Safety & Security

Vehicles parked in the individual pallet and tower, people can't enter inside the garage, which avoids injury to persons, flood prevention and vehicles stolen.

User-friendly Operation

One button to complete parking, Automatic picking up the car and system will record where the car is parked.


Cars will turned off  engine as soon after entering the system. This will reduce CO2 emissions.

Ready to explore this opportunity with you and is keen to provide the best services at your door step!

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